Recovery from alcohol and other drug problems is not only possible for individuals, families and communities in North Ayrshire, it happens.


Recovery from alcohol and other drug problems is different for everyone; it is unlikely that two peoples experience will be the same. There are lots of people in recovery in North Ayrshire – we can’t put a figure on it as people recover in different ways, some use the support of local alcohol and drug services, others find support through fellowships while others gain support from family and friends.


We have spoken to local people who are in recovery, and staff who work with people who have alcohol and drug problems and we asked what recovery means to them. Our flagship event took place on March 1st 2013 and attracted almost 100 people who work in or are in recovery in North Ayrshire. Based on all the feedback we received we have developed a local working definition of recovery:


Recovery from alcohol and other drug problems is a deeply personal journey which anyone is capable of embarking upon.

Recovery is something which you can do for yourself though rarely by yourself; it can involve the growth and development of individuals, families and communities.

Recovery is empowering and an exciting opportunity.

For many, recovery is about ‘giving something back’ to your community, to your family and to yourself. At its heart recovery is about improving quality of life, progressing and moving forward at your own pace.


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