Real Stories in North Ayrshire

  • I'll live and laugh again poem
    A moving poem describing one woman's feelings

  • Looking Forward
    A woman speaks about her early experiences of heroin and the impacts it had on her life, how methadone helped her get stable, and how she has moved on with her life now that she no longer uses methadone or illicit drugs.

  • One Day at a Time
    A young man who had a good upbringing talks about how drugs affected his life and how he is moving forward with his recovery.

  • This is only the start
    A man recalls not remembering life without alcohol, living in a dump and every penny going on the drink, but importantly how he turned his life around using local support and building friendships and a new life for himself filled with hope and ambition.

  • My Journey into Recovery
    A man tells how his inquisitive mind led him on a path of risk taking and drug use which took over his life, stripped of his job, kids and marriage; and how he has started to turn things around.

  • Moving Forward
    A young man who was homeless talks about how FITB4U helped him reduce his drinking, gain new skills and get his confidence back.

  • My Recovery Story
    A mum of two speaks of her struggle with drugs and how the impact of losing her kids gave her the strength to start and continue her recovery journey with support from local services.

Moving Forward

About 2 years ago I went homeless, I was living in the hostel and my confidence in myself was going downhill fast at the time I was probably drinking between 3 and 4 litres of vodka a week.

After about 5 months living in the hostel I started going along to FITBA4U, I really enjoyed it and made an effort to go along every week. I always enjoyed football and I was pretty good as a youth but through my own stupidity I messed up any chances I had of progressing with it.

A lot of things have changed in my life over the time I have been involved with FITB4U, I have significantly reduced the amount of alcohol I was drinking, I only drink a bit if I’m out and I’ve managed to find and bring out skills I used to have.

I learned a lot through the inputs before the football, the one that’s had the most impact for me was probably around money management – I can budget now like I have never been able to budget before, also last week we heard about the welfare reform and the bedroom tax. It’s good to know how things will affect you for a change as I wouldn’t have known until it was too late before.

Last year we got the chance to go for our coaching qualification; I jumped at the chance and put myself forward for it. Getting back to football helped me regain my confidence and getting my coaching qualification gave it an extra boost. Just after I got it, I managed to get a job and had to leave the football, but when my job finished I came back to it.

I wanted to come back to the football for me, but also to help the boys out. Sometimes some of them struggle with things, they think they can change, but I want to show them where I have come from so that they know it’s possible.

I also want to get more people along to FITBA4U and I volunteer to go around the hostels to tell ones about it because I know how good it can be, I know how it can help people move forward like it helped me.


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