Drug Trend Monitoring Group (DTMG)


A mechanism has been established by which people with information get together to share the expertise and information to ensure collation and dissemination of information on substances causing concern, new and continuing trends throughout Ayrshire and Arran.

The DTMG are responsible for-

  • Develop local understanding of the prevalence and impact of substances in Ayrshire and Arran based on locally available information and experience.
  • Develop and operate a single point of contact (early warning system) for information on emerging drug use trends or substance use causing concern.
  • Liaise with other Drug Trend Monitoring Groups within Scotland as appropriate.
  • Liaise with individuals and organisations throughout UK involved in this area of work as appropriate.
  • Provide information as appropriate to local Alcohol and Drug Partnerships for use within their local strategic planning.

The availability and popularity of some products can change quickly as new substances are developed in response to legislative controls.

The purchasing of prescription drugs via the internet is a hugely popular method of obtaining substances. Many of the items sold are often counterfeit and contain extremely harmful substances. This can result in problems such as adverse effects when genuine prescription drugs are sourced.

Locally, and internationally, new trends and patterns of drug use have emerged involving poly drug use of known illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and new psychoactive substances. The ease of purchasing prescription drugs and new psychoactive substances on-line has made it a popular method of obtaining them. Trends can change quickly as new substances are developed in response to legislative controls.

Further information on substances can be accessed at www.crew2000.org.uk/drugs/drugsa-z.html


New Psychoactive Substances, which are also known as Legal Highs are substances used like illegal drugs such as cocaine or cannabis, but not covered by current misuse of drugs laws, and so legal to possess or to use.

Although these drugs are marketed as legal substances, this doesn’t mean that they are safe or approved for people to use. It just means that they’ve not been declared illegal to use and possess. They are still normally considered illegal to sell under medicines legislation.  An example of how these are sold are as bath salts or even plant food.  We would urge that if you are aware of any of these substances that you will complete and Information Template (available as a download from right hand panel) and return via the details contained in the form.

If you would like more information about the Group, please contact lesleyrobb@nhs.net 


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