Many people are affected by drugs, either directly or indirectly, as family or friends. Whether you are looking for information for yourself or someone else who has taken drugs or is thinking of taking drugs, or if your just curious it’s important to know the facts.

Knowing what’s what about drugs, the risks and consequences gives you the power to make up your on mind and to help other people when they are unsure.  

Some people think using drugs can be fun, but it can bring more than its fair share of problems. Drugs can cause problems with your family, your friends and your health. You risk getting in trouble with the police, getting addicted and even sudden death, not to mention the stupid things you might do when you're under the influence.

Don't feel pressured into taking drugs. It's nobody's choice but your own.

To find out more about different types of drugs, the risks associated with them and what's known about their short and long-term effects; as well as drugs and the law, what to do in an emergency visit Scotland’s national drugs information gateway Know the Score


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Useful Links - Drugs

  • Know the Score - Learn about different types of drups, the risks and the law.  Also find out what to do in an emergency
  • Crew 2000 Crew provides drugs information, support and advice, sexual health information and much more.
  • Scottish Drugs Forum A national policy and information organisation which is a resouce of expertise on drug use.
  • Re-solv National charity solely dedicated to the prevention of solvent and volatile substance abuse.
  • Young Booze Busters - Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness (also provides facts on illegal drugs such as cocaine and cannabis, as well as legal drugs)
  • Do You Know Whats in it? - What's in your drug?  Know the facts!

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