Using Alcohol Safely

Using alcohol safely is simple and straight forward, and we have put examples of this kind of harm reduction below.

  1. Never leave your drink: sometimes people like to spike peoples drinks, and its worth remembering to never leave your drink un-attended, if you do, and you are unsure as to whether it has been spiked, get another. The most common substance used to spike drinks is alcohol itself, however, due to the nature of how alcohol works, after a few drinks, you stop tasting the alcohol, and therefore anything that has been put in it.
  2. Always ensure people know where you are going, and where you expect to spend the night, if you decide you are not going home, and leave a contact number in case you lose your mobile. If you are going home always let people know what time you intend to be home for.
  3. Never leave an establishment on your own, always try and stay with your friends, if you must leave early, ensure you have booked a taxi to get you home, from a reputable licensed company.
  4. Take limited funds, take just enough to pay for your night out, and always have an escape/taxi fund separate from your night out money. If possible leave your debit/credit card in the house.
  5. If it is dark, avoid low/poorly lighted areas, stick to main thourough fairs and don’t walk home alone (see 3)
  6. Always carry a condom, and ensure you practice safe sex.
  7. Always ensure your phone is fully charged.
  8. Always wear season suitable clothing
  9. Pace your drinking, remember it takes an hour for the alcohol to clear your system, but this is 1Hr per Unit of alcohol.
  10. If you have been drinking heavily the previous night, do not drive, your blood alcohol limit may still be high enough to be illegal, even if you feel sober.


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