Alcohol and Drug Recovery Support Services

Funded alcohol and drug recovery support services are services who receive funding from the Alcohol and Drug Partnership. They are available to people living in North Ayrshire free of charge.

There are three alcohol and drug recovery support services in North Ayrshire who offer a range of interventions. Specific service information can be found in by clicking on the name of the services

  • NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Addiction Services - t: 01294 476162
  • North Ayrshire Council, Addiction Services - t: 01294 476000
  • Momentum Ayrshire Recovery Choices - t: 01294 311433
These services will work together to ensure you get the support that is right for you to move forward with your recovery.

Below you can see all the interventions that are offered by our local services. Your key worker will help you choose what’s best for you.

Community detox
allows individuals to be detoxed from either alcohol or drugs (mainly opiates, heroin, Dihydrocodiene etc.) in their home as a step towards recovery.

Hospital based detox service is available to individuals who may have other health conditions which means community detox is not suitable.

Residential support
aims to support individuals who have problematic substance use (alcohol and/or drugs) and co-existing mental health issues. The programme lasts four weeks and to enter you should be abstinent from alcohol and drugs.

Day programmes are available to support those continuing on their recovery journey from alcohol and / or drug problems.

Specialist prescribing is available to support the recovery journeys of those who have problematic alcohol and / or drug problems.

Mental health and addictions support is offered to those experiencing chaotic / problematic substance use and have co-existing mental health problems.

Blood Borne Virus (BBV) information and support is widely offered and includes testing and treatment of Hepatitis C

Specialist social work services are available and include support for people affected by ARBD (Alcohol Related Brain Damage)

Family support is available when problematic alcohol and / or drug use is affecting other members of the family (children, partners etc.)

Alcohol counselling
is available to try and reduce harm from the effects of alcohol to anyone concerned about their own or another’s drinking

Support to identify other community based support which may benefit your recovery such as education, training, volunteering and physical activity groups are available

Information, advice and harm reduction strategies are offered in order to minimise the risk to physical and sexual health issues, particularly around blood borne viruses

Occupational Therapy support is available to people who would benefit from developing skills to enable them to have a more satisfying lifestyle, such as being able to overcome anxieties about leaving the house and to gain satisfaction from new activities.

Alcohol and drug relapse prevention aims to give individual’s tools to recognise and handle triggers, daily stressors or anxiety which may have previously caused a relapse

Group work programmes bring together people in recovery that all have an interest in developing tools and skills to support them in their recovery. Programmes are offered in relation to areas such as relapse management and anxiety management.

Structured activities
are available which aim to introduce people to new opportunities; activities can be physical, social or educational.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning is a workshop based course aimed at helping individuals take better care of themself and to maintain  their wellbeing.  Useful for people who have experienced issues with addiction, mental health, and physical health.  Can also be useful for family members or carers to help maintain their own wellbeing.


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