Alcohol and drugs can have a significant impact on your life and overcoming alcohol and drug problems can seem like something you could never achieve. But it’s not – recovery from alcohol and drug problems is possible and happens in North Ayrshire. No matter how bad the problem or how powerless you feel, if you are willing and ready to get the support that you need you can recover.


North Ayrshire ADP wants to help anyone who is seeking support, guidance or access to the service which will help meet their needs. This website provides information on the services and support available for individuals and families and friends affected by alcohol and drugs.


Information and support for your alcohol and drug problem


Recovery starts with admitting you have a problem. You don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom; you can make a change at any time. And while there are many effective treatment options, you don’t necessarily have to seek professional help or go to a rehab program in order to get better. There are many things you can do to help yourself and achieve lasting recovery.


There is a range of support available in North Ayrshire and these are split in three ways:

  • Funded alcohol and drug recovery support services
  • Community based recovery support
  • Wider support services

It can sometimes be difficult to try and decide which one of the services or support is best for you. If you choose to contact one of the funded alcohol and drug recovery support services they will ask you to meet with them so that they can carry out an assessment. If they are the service that can offer you the best support you will be given a key worker. If their service isn’t the best for you at that time they will refer you to another service which is more able to give you the support you want.

Many people find fellowships and mutual aid key to their recovery; it is your choice to go along and to make the decision as to whether this type of support is best for you.


You can use all of the types of support at the same time to try and get the support that is right for you. Each service has a different way for you to access them. You can find out more about each of these types of support, including how to access them by clicking on the pages on the left or visit our service finder.


Information and support for those affected by someone else’s alcohol and drug problems

If you are a family member, a friend or an employer that is concerned about someone’s alcohol and / or drug problem visit out Information for family and friends page which can be found on our home page.



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