The Recovery Oriented System of Care

The Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Implementation Group are responsible for taking account of up to date evidence based recovery practices, implementing effective recovery pathways between providers and to take action where gaps are identified. The group continually link current service provision with new service opportunities that will enhance an individual’s recovery journey through creating links with mainstream provisions within the community that supports social inclusion. They provide regular update reports to North Ayrshire ADP highlighting areas for consideration or action as appropriate.

The sub-group work to ensure that individuals have access to the right interventions at the right time as not ‘one size fits all’, which enables them to move through treatment into sustained recovery through providing a holistic approach to meet needs.

This will include interventions provided by the NHS, local authority and voluntary sector and also involve engagement with other people in recovery, which may be through mutual aid groups or other forms of peer support.
The context of ROSC in North Ayrshire- Recovery is possible and at the centre of all services we provide.  People will own their own recovery and services will facilitate their recovery journey and people in recovery will support others along the path to recover.
Services are delivered in a recovery focussed manner which ensures that service users engage in the planning of their own care plans and of service delivery. Recent developments have consisted of peer support group approaches taking place with a view to forming a committee in the future.
The ROSC acknowledges the key role that family/significant others can play and are encouraged to support the individuals’ recovery journey and to also be supported to access support provisions to meet their needs too.



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