The Communities & Prevention Implementation Group (CPIG)

The Communities and Prevention Implementation Group (CPIG) ensure that a whole population approach to prevention and education and early intervention takes place. They provide regular update reports to North Ayrshire ADP and Safer North Ayrshire Partnership (SNAP) highlighting areas for consideration or action as appropriate.

Education is an important tool for increasing the awareness of the effects of alcohol and drug use on individuals, families and communities, and the risks associated with even low levels of alcohol or drug use.
The inclusion of substance misuse in the Curriculum for Excellence is a positive step toward ensuring that all young people in North Ayrshire are aware of the risks associated with alcohol and drug use. However it is recognised in both the Curriculum for Excellence and wider literature that preventative information should be delivered to young people in a range of settings and formats in order to reinforce messages delivered in educational establishments.

Prevention of substance misuse through education is not only important for young people, we recognise the importance of educating the wider adult population on the risks of substance use, in particular alcohol use. This is achieved through the delivery of targeted, audience appropriate messages within formal and community settings.
Early interventions play an important role in reducing the harmful effects experienced by substance misuse in North Ayrshire. Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABI’s) are an evidence based, effective intervention for adults drinking alcohol at hazardous levels. Young people however require more in depth person centred interventions to tackle early substance misuse.
The availability of positive alternatives to alcohol and drug use is essential to reduce the level of substance use. Age appropriate activities including diversionary activities for young people and an increase in non-alcohol activities for adults will contribute to a reduction in alcohol consumption.
Domestic abuse is a major problem within North Ayrshire. While we recognise that alcohol is neither an excuse for, nor a cause of, domestic abuse it is a significant factor in incidents reported to the Police. The ADP work with the Violence against Women Partnership to reduce the harmful impact of alcohol in cases of domestic abuse providing opportunities for both perpetrators and victims to address their alcohol and drug misuse.
A key part of work within communities is to improve the knowledge and understanding across the whole population about drug and alcohol use. The ADP also demonstrates that recovery is possible through positively promoting recovery stories (see link to Recovery Stories) and reduce the levels of fear, blame and stigma.
The significant links between alcohol and drug misuse and offending behaviour are well recognised. In North Ayrshire approximately 70-80% of service users in CriminalJustice Social Work has a background of alcohol and drugs use linked to their offending behaviour.
North Ayrshire ADP and the SNAP will continue to plan and work in partnership around the issues of anti-social behaviour and nuisance as a consequence of alcohol and /or drug misuse.
In detailing this wide range of approaches they are taken into account by the CPIG group to ensure our approaches are effective.

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