ADP Sub-Groups

The ADP structure (see link) provides an overview of the reporting mechanisms and those thematic sub groups that inform the ADP strategic group.

The ADP has identified four key priorities areas for focus within the strategy which will contribute to achieving the vision-

  • Prevention – Change knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Protection – Children affected by others substance misuse
  • Recovery – Treatment and support
  • Communities – Enforcement, availability and safer communities

The sub groups have been established to take forward each of these four key priority strands and have developed individual action plans to support the delivery of the strategy, detailing key actions, who is responsible within specific timeframes. The action plans are reviewed regularly and updated to ensure that the actions continue to make progress and address local needs.

Details of each of those groups follow:-
The Communities and Prevention Implementation Group (CPIG) ensure that a whole population approach to prevention and education and early intervention takes place. They provide regular update reports to North Ayrshire ADP and Safer North Ayrshire Partnership (SNAP) highlighting areas for consideration or action as appropriate.
Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse (CAPSM) - The CAPSM Group is a recognised sub-group with dual reporting arrangements of the North Ayrshire ADP and the Child Protection Committee (CPC), and links in with other strategic Community Planning groups, including Safer North Ayrshire Partnership (SNAP).

The Finance, Commissioning and Performance Management (FCPM)
sub-group make recommendations for funding/continuation of funding in line with the strategic direction of the ADP as detailed in the ADP Strategy. The FCPM sub-group reports directly to the ADP.

The Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Implementation Group are responsible for taking account of up to date evidence based recovery practices, implementing effective recovery pathways between providers and to take action where gaps are identified. The group continually link current service provision with new service opportunities that will enhance an individual’s recovery journey through creating links with mainstream provisions within the community that supports social inclusion. They provide regular update reports to North Ayrshire ADP highlighting areas for consideration or action as appropriate.

ADP Voluntary Sector sub group - The Ayrshire Community Trust (TACT) represents the Third Sector Interface to ensure that the voices of the voluntary sector providers are heard, and that their needs are understood by all members of the ADP partnership. A number of the third sector providers are also key members of ADP sub groups.


Drug Death Review Group
This group is responsible for pooling local and national information on drug-related deaths (DRDs) as a means of identifying risk factors and opportunities for reducing drug related deaths in the future. (more to be added)

Drug Trend Monitoring Group

to be added.



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