ADP Outcomes

The Scottish Government has established a collaborative programme of work in support of local outcomes and indicators. This has included the development of a set of 7 core outcomes for ADPs, as below.

1. HEALTH: People are healthier and experience fewer risks as a result of alcohol and drug use: a range of improvements to physical and mental health, as well wider well-being, should be experienced by individuals and communities where harmful drug and alcohol use is being reduced, including fewer acute and long-term risks to physical and mental health, and a reduced risk of drug or alcohol-related mortality.
2. PREVALENCE: Fewer adults and children are drinking or using drugs at levels or patterns that are damaging to themselves or others: a reduction in the prevalence of harmful levels of drug and alcohol use as a result of prevention, changing social attitudes, and recovery is a vital intermediate outcome in delivering improved long-term health, social and economic outcomes. Reducing the number of young people misusing alcohol and drugs will also reduce health risks, improve life-chances and may reduce the likelihood of individuals developing problematic use in the future.
3. RECOVERY: Individuals are improving their health, well-being and life-chances by recovering from problematic drug and alcohol use: a range of health, psychological, social and economic improvements in well-being should be experienced by individuals who are recovering from problematic drug and alcohol use, including reduced consumption, fewer co-occurring health issues, improved family relationships and parenting skills, stable housing; participation in education and employment, and involvement in social and community activities.
4. CAPSM: Children and family members of people misusing alcohol and drugs are safe, well-supported and have improved life-chances: this will include reducing the risks and impact of drug and alcohol misuse on users’ children and other family members; supporting the social, educational and economic potential of children and other family members; and helping family members support the recovery of their parents, children and significant others.
5. COMMUNITY SAFETY: Communities and individuals are safe from alcohol and drug related offending and anti-social behaviour: reducing alcohol and drug-related offending, re-offending and anti-social behaviour, including violence, acquisitive crime, drug-dealing and driving while intoxicated, will make a positive contribution in ensuring safer, stronger, happier and more resilient communities.
6. LOCAL ENVIRONMENT: People live in positive, health-promoting local environments where alcohol and drugs are less readily available:  alcohol and drug misuse is less likely to develop and recovery from problematic use is more likely to be successful in strong, resilient communities where healthy lifestyles and wider well-being are promoted, where there are opportunities to participate in meaningful activities, and where alcohol and drugs are less readily available. Recovery will not be stigmatised, but supported and championed in the community. 
7. SERVICES: Alcohol and drugs services are high quality, continually improving, efficient, evidence-based and responsive, ensuring people move through treatment into sustained recovery: services should offer timely, sensitive and appropriate support, which meets the needs of different local groups (including those with particular needs according to their age, gender, disability, health, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation) and facilitates their recovery. Services should use local data and evidence to make decisions about service improvement and re-design.

To achieve the outcomes outlined in the strategy an Action Plan has been developed with our partners detailing key actions, who will deliver them and by when. The Action Plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis to ensure the actions continue to meet the needs of North Ayrshire. Please see link to ADP sub-groups for further information of those specific actions attributed to each group.



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